23-11-2012, Shirpala Kolakchal survival
You might not believe but this time there is NO picture. Why?
Because I had more important thing to do: to survive. Yes.
After Shirpala I decided to make Kolakchal alone. I have done this path already with friends but it was in autumn.
This time, just after Shirpala the winter started. At the beginning it was ok. But 15 minutes later... IMPOSSIBLE!
Visibility 1m, snow more than 1m deep and ... we lost the path.
It was me and Mehrab - a guy who followed me from Shirpala towards Kolakchal.
Very fast we reached an unwritten agreement: we go together, we survive together or we die together.
The only help was: quite fresh track on the snow.
But as soon as the weather worsen we started loosing the track.
In one moment we even lost each other! OK, just for few minutes but still...
Enough is enough and eventually we reached the Kolakchal pass (after around 1.5h being in the middle of nowhere).
What is really incredible: when I look at the GPS trace I see we visited mostly the same places as few weeks ago.
But believe me: impossible to recognize them today under such bad weather conditions!
Lesson learnt? Buy a REAL GPS and a whistle.
OK, maybe also a bit of common sense but this is recently not possible to find anywhere ;-)
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