View slideshow 08-03-2013, The games of the clouds (Kolakchal)
The weather for last few days in Tehran was awful - snow, clouds, very humid - ble...
But the forecast for the Alborz for this Friday was completely different. So I took a risk and prepared for Kolakchal.
The result was above my expectations: sun, beautiful clouds, temperature in the sun around +15C - in the shade -5C. No wind at all (almost).
And then the most exciting part - the game of the clouds that covered first completely Tehran and then followed us climbing the Kolakchal.
Eventually the clouds did not reach the height of the peaks (above 3300m) so we could admire Mister Damavand again ;-)
On 6th of March 2013 two Polish climbers - Maciej Berbeka and Tomasz Kowalski - got lost in Broad Peak, after conquesting this peak first time in the winter. Today's trip is my tribute to them [+] [+] [+]