View slideshow 12-04-2013, Bargah Sevom 4240m, Damavand C3
Second attempt to reach Camp 3 (Bargah Sevom). This time successful.
It is also my personal success - first time reaching above 4000m!
First night done in Base Camp (Gosfansara) 3020m. Next day morning (6:15) I started the ascent to C3. First 2 hours were very fast, 3rd hour a bit slower.
On the height of 3900m I went through the hell - 5 steps and stop, 5 steps and no oxygen. 30 seconds break and again the same.
I was close to say "good bye C3" but then: "let me reach at least 4000m". Once I reached 4000m then again: good bye C3.
No, this time I knew: I had a lot of time to reach C3 (that is why I started so early) so I progressed.
It was so cold there! I put all my clothes on me. So windy it was moving my body as the flag.
Last 300m I made in 1,5h. Wow! That was my Everest! But finally I got to the top.
I was only dreaming about the hot tea. But it is Iran so... no tea, no water, nothing! Why?
The guy responsible for selling these things went to the peak! Nice. Imagine you were really in the need and what? What? 
I will tell you what: rely on yourself only! Nobody will ever help you if you don't help yourself. That is the life and there is no exception.

Ok, I spent 2,5h there, other tourists arrived, they shared their tea and we bla bla a bit and then time to come back.
There are few pictures below for you to see how it looks there.