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This year our girls (Palka and Macka) decided: Montenegro!
OK. Why not?
So we made a reservation in advance and started driving on July, 22nd.
2 days driving - one night in Zadar (Croatia) - really wonderful roads till Dubrovnik.
Then of course beautiful corniche till Ulcijn (Montenegro).
So at the end we arrived to Ulcijn (1550km) and spent there one night.
Why only one?
Because the conditions were completely different from that we saw on the web page:
1-1km to the beach (instead of promised 200m)
2-beach very dirty (instead of nice sandy one)
3-accommodation not suitable for us (one room instead of two)
So the decission could have been only one: yalla! Lets go somewhere else!
We had in mind only one place, where we were already two times: Sozopol (Bulgaria).
But, we were on the Adriatic Sea while Sozopol is on the Black Sea.
So what?
Another 1000km through Balkans (what a beautiful country the Montenegro is!) and 2 days in the car and we arrived to Sozopol.
We spent excellent 4 weeks there and on the way back we visited our friends (Dusan's family) in Belgrade (Serbia).
Even Salma Hayek came there to see us - actually to see Macka (thank you Salma for the picture!).